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Picture yourself gazing out your window at blue skies and sunshine. Bet you want to open your window and enjoy the touch of warm sunshine--right? But, what if your window won't open? Leave it to a sticky window to ruin a perfectly nice day!

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Windows that won't open or close, or broken windows--these are all common problems that call for quick and easy window repairs. So, it's a good idea to school yourself on some basic repair tips, many of which you can do yourself.

Broken Glass

  1. Remove the broken glass: Remove the window sash, and lay it on a work table. Then, lay a towel over the glass, and break it.
  2. Remove the glazing compound: You may need a tool to do this. Also, remove any glazing points (metal fasteners that hold the glass in place).
  3. Brush on a fast-drying paint primer: Do this on any exposed wood
  4. Apply a thin bead of caulk on the frame perimeter: This is used as a setting bed. Or, apply a thin coat of glazing compound.
  5. Insert the glass: Place at least two glazing points with the points facing the frame along each side, about two inches from each corner.
  6. Apply glazing compound: Do this against the glass and the wood frame.
  7. Finish up: Scrape off any excess compound, put the sash back in, let it set for about a week, then paint.

Window Won't Open

  1. Make sure the window is unlocked: self-explanatory
  2. Use a putty knife: Tap between the window and the inside frame with a rubber mallet
  3. Try to open the window: If it still won't open, repeat the steps on the outside

Window Won't Close

Since casement windows are especially prone to this problem, here's how to fix it:

  1. Take off the side that won't shut: Examine the other side for any defects that would cause the window to stay open.
  2. Examine the separator: If you don't find any defects, check the hinges.
  3. Plane the window: You may need to take a little off the edge to make the window close properly.

Learn these easy and quick window repairs, and enjoy the view, the fresh air, and a problem-free window!

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