Tips for Selecting a Window Contractor

December 02, 2009

Installing windows can be a big project, and one that homeowners frequently have professionally completed. Finding a skilled window contractor is essential to the success of installing your windows. In many cases, the retailer or supplier where you buy your windows will provide installation service, but here are some tips for comparing installation estimates and selecting a window contractor.

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Five Tips for Finding the Right Window Contractor

  1. Get it in writing: Ask each window contractor to prepare a written estimate for installing your windows. This helps avoid cost overruns, and allows you to compare what's offered for the price quoted.
  2. How long: having old windows replaced can be a dirty and inconvenient project. Ask for a specific deadline in each written estimate. Agreeing on a deadline can help you keep the installation process on track, and allows you to arrange time away from work, if necessary.
  3. Check references: A great way to find a good window contractor is to ask friends and neighbors who've recently had windows installed. If you can't find a referral, check with the Better Business Bureau, or ask each contractor to supply three recent references.
  4. Manufacturer's warranty: Verify that installers can meet terms and conditions required by your windows' product warranty.
  5. Ask questions: Make a list of questions for window installers. Ask each of them your questions and note their answers.--not just what they say, but how they answer. The asking and answering process can help you find a good match for what's important to you.

Properly installed windows can add beauty and value to your home; it's worthwhile to select a window contractor who makes your window installation a success.

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