Seven Steps to Sparkling Windows and Clean Screens

December 17, 2009

The world looks better through clean windows and screens. Follow the seven steps below to clean your windows and screens. Before you begin, be sure that you can comfortably and safely reach your windows; if you cannot, call a professional.

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1. Wash your windows when they are not in direct sun. Avoid very hot days and windy conditions. Cool, still days are best for window washing.

2. You only need a few basic tools to get sparkling windows, but you must use the right ones. Look for these items in your local hardware, home improvement or Target store:

  • Bucket wide enough to fit your scrubbing wand
  • Scrubbing wand with a lint free cover, or a natural (not synthetic) sponge, or a lint free cloth
  • Window scrubber (not a utility or putty knife)
  • Squeegee with smooth, uncracked, resilient edges
  • Lint free cloths
  • A solution of water and dish soap (one half teaspoon soap to one gallon of water)

3. Wash the outside of the window first, then the inside.

4. If you remove screens, leave them near the windows from which they came, otherwise you might not be able to get them back into position.

5. Use this procedure:

  • Dip the scrubbing wand in the soapy water

  • Wash the window with the scrubbing wand using up and down and side to side motions

  • Use a cloth to remove excess water from the top and left edge of the window

  • Pull the squeegee in one long stroke across the glass. Dry the squeegee blade at the completion of each stroke.

  • Squeegee from left to right for the outside of the window. Squeegee from top to bottom for the inside of the window. By doing so, if you later see streaks, you will know on which side of the glass they are.

  • Use the lint free cloth to wipe around the edge of each window as you finish it.

  • If your windows are especially dirty, wash and squeegee a second time

  • If you must scrape off debris, do so only with a window scrubber, not a utility knife or any other instrument as you may damage the glass. Lubricate the glass before scraping with plenty of soapy water.

6. To clean screens, use your vacuum cleaner upholstery brush and a dust cloth to remove dust. Then, use a soft bristle brush and water with dish soap to scrub screens on both sides. Allow to air dry. Run a lint free towel around the frames of the screens.

7. Before replacing screens in their tracks, vacuum the tracks and dust casings.

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