Pro Tips for the Cleanest Interior Windows

January 04, 2010

Interior windows are a snap to clean when compared to the exterior! Make the most of new or replacement windows by using the window cleaning tips the pros use to make windows really sparkle!

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  • Using an old, soft toothbrush helps with those pesky little dirt build up areas such as corners and edges;
  • Starting off the process with a quick sweep of the window area with a vacuum with a dusting brush attachment to eliminate the heavy dirt that will smear windows and streak windows sills;
  • Smaller, thin surface scratches in glass can sometimes be eliminated by a light polish with toothpaste.

For large interior expanses of glass, a squeegee is a good tool and gets the best results. Instead of moving dirt around, you're actually removing it. Use a natural sponge or soft bristled brush for the initial cleaning. Use the squeegee to remove the cleaning solution and dirt. Of course, keep towels on hand to protect the floor or window sill and wipe the squeegee clean after each pass to avoid streaks.

Dry by a small strip at the top of the window using a clean towel or rag. The trick for no streaks with the squeegee is placing the dry rubber blade on a dry window.

Commercial window cleaning products are generally too concentrated and may actually cause streaking. Most of the pros swear by a dollop of dishwashing liquid in warm water, while others swear by ½ cup of ammonia and a ½ Cup of vinegar for the best results.

Keeping up with window maintenance is your best bet for easy window cleaning. The longer interior window cleaning is put off, the more work that's created in the process.

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