Clear Tips on Window Cleaning

January 06, 2010

Investing in replacement window is a good bet to add value to your home. But this investment isn't worth much if the windows are dirty. Make the most of your new replacement windows by cleaning them like a pro.

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If you invested in double-hung windows, you made a great investment! Double-hung windows now feature tilt-in sash designs. This means the exterior glass can be cleaned from the inside -- just tilt the sash inward.

Some replacement windows come with low E glass. This micro-thin, invisible coating not only increases energy-efficiency, but it reduces the effects of ultra violet sun rays on your home's interior, which is the cause of sun fade. Low E glass helps reduce water spotting as well, it's money well spent on windows, as well as a time saver for cleaning windows.

Ideally, exterior windows should be cleaned twice a year. The Spring and Fall honey-do lists are the perfect place to note this chore.

Forget the age old newspaper solution for cleaning exterior windows. You're simply moving dirt around and getting your hands filthy as well. Invest in a squeegee with an extension handle if you don't have the oh-so convenient double hung windows.

For a cleaning solution use a squirt of dishwashing liquid in warm water.

Use the squeegee in an S pattern and wipe the blade clean after each stroke.

Remove any water on the window or frame with a damp chamois which reduces streaks. Dry the windowsill with a rag in the process to avoid spotting and moisture.

Make the most of your windows. Keep up with cleaning the interior and exterior and the job goes much quicker.

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