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Cleaning windows might sound easy enough, but it's often done incorrectly. All those swirling motions with a paper towel? Hello, cloudy streaks and goodbye good view!

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Follow these simple steps to leave the swirls behind and clear up your view with a proper window cleaning.

  1. Gather supplies, including household window cleaner, a squeegee, and paper towels for wiping off the squeegee. It's best to avoid paper towels for cleaning the glass, as they leave small paper particles behind. Many people use coffee filters instead.
  2. Clear your work space by moving draperies or blinds away from the glass. For windows with lots of dust, gently vacuum the glass with a brush attachment. Remove any mullions that snap into place so you can clean the whole glass surface.
  3. Fill a bucket with filtered water. You'll need the bucket to rinse your squeegie. (See next step.)
  4. Spray window cleaner near the top of the glass and work your way down with the squeegee. Rinse and wipe off the edge with a paper towel each time. With this top-down approach, you'll avoid having the Windex drip through areas you've already cleaned. Be sure to keep a small garbage bag handy for the dirty paper towels.
  5. Protect the glass from breakage by applying light pressure as you clean. Also, be careful when spraying the cleaner to avoid damaging draperies or other nearby objects.

When cleaning windows outside, the same process applies, although you'll need to be more careful when using a ladder and working around shrubbery or decks. If the windows are high, consider hiring a service for cleaning windows. Better safe than sorry!

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