Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

March 16, 2010

Whether it's a bird or a baseball that shattered your window pane, careful inspection of the damage can help you detect other problems what may otherwise go undetected. Don't have a broken window? Inspecting window glass and frames indoors and out when cleaning your windows can help you detect damage and make a decision about window replacement. Here are some common signs of trouble:

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  • Drafts. Do you notice air coming in from closed windows? This can indicate heat loss (and higher energy loss, and therefore costs) and poor insulation. Check for damaged caulking, loose window panes, and gaps between window frames and walls.
  • Dry rot. This is a condition that plagues wooden windows. It damages frame structure, finishing, and softens wood. New windows constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum can eliminate this problem.
  • Termites. Once termites gain entry to your home, they can do thousands of dollars worth of unseen damage. If inspection of your wooden windows reveals signs of termite damage, contact an exterminator immediately to assess damage and remove the pests. As with dry rot, installing windows made from synthetic materials or aluminum can help prevent future infestations.
  • Structural problems. Houses settle over time, or may be compromised due to environmental events like flooding and earthquakes. Extreme temperature variances can also cause windows to expand and contract, which may lead to leaks or other insulation and structural problems. If your home sustains any type of serious damage, include a thorough inspection of windows and doors in your repair plans.

Be sure to get multiple quotes for window replacement to help you find the right windows at the right price.

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