Replacement Windows: Planning Your Project

July 05, 2010

Researching replacement windows and doors online and in dealer showrooms can help with finding the right windows within your budget.

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Here are some things to consider when replacing doors and windows:

  • Product performance: What do you want your new windows and doors to accomplish? Although updating your home is likely a priority, considering particulars including interior lighting, energy conservation, blocking damaging UV rays, and reducing moisture condensation between window layers may be important depending on your climate and how your home is situated.
  • Product warranties: Most windows and doors include manufacturer warranties, but there may be specific conditions required for the warranty to be valid. Warranties may require factory trained or authorized installers; you'll need to know this before arranging for installation.
  • Maintenance and lifestyle: If your family is typically busy and on the go, installing ornate windows and doors that require frequent maintenance may not be appropriate. The type of replacement windows you choose can depend on your decorative preferences, your home's architecture, and lifestyle.
  • Window dealers and installers: When shopping for replacement windows, it's important to check references and verify credentials for installation contractors. Getting a reference from friends or family members is a good way to start, but verifying business licensing, bonding and liability insurance can help prevent problems.
  • Comparing estimates: Don't stop with price alone. Verify exactly what is included for the price quoted. Ask questions for clarifying anything you don't understand or that isn't included in estimate. Talking with window dealers and installers can help with selecting products and services that work for you; it's important for you and your family to be comfortable with the installation process and those performing it.

Having the luxury of planning a project allows for researching, shopping, and comparing products, pricing and services. Minimizing the potential for errors and misunderstanding saves time and money.

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