Replacement Window Terms and Fundamentals

July 15, 2009

You want your new windows to last generations, not just several seasons. That is why it's important to learn all you can about window fundamentals. Getting to know new window features will allow you to enjoy all aspects of today's energy efficient selections.

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Window Terms

  • The head refers to the upper boundary of the window and represents the top of the entire window.
  • The jamb supports the outer edge of the window from left to right.
  • The frame is the entire outer portion of the window and the part where sashes and other parts move.
  • Glazing is any material which is applied to the glass panes.
  • Panes are individual units of glass
  • A sash is an assembly of panes that move as a unit.
  • The sill is the lower portion of the window which sticks out from the wall.
  • The muntin bars are what separate individual panes of glass (aka grilles or dividers)

Types of Windows

Now that you have a better understanding of specific window terms, you can concentrate on the different types of energy efficient windows available.  Probably the most typical window is a double-paned, single-hung window.  In this type of window, the bottom sash is the only sash that moves.  Variations on this window are double-hung windows, where both the top and bottom sash move independently from one another, and casement windows, which work on hinges.

Many homeowners prefer rows of windows. If this sounds like you, consider bay windows, sliders, and fixed frames.  Bay windows usually offer a combination of three-plus windows mounted side-by-side and can supply a great deal of light and ventilation to your home. Slider windows move from left to right and function as both doors and windows. Fixed frames and skylight windows can bring in more light than a traditional wall and can be a good option to brighten up an area.

The proper window can do it all: energy efficiency, light, and beauty. And knowing some window facts and terms can make that purchase job much easier and a whole lot more fun.




About the Author

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