Planning a Replacement Windows Installation

July 14, 2010

Researching window products, prices, and providers online helps you determine product options; compare window styles, materials and prices; and find window dealers and installers. Installing replacement windows is a big job, and it's worthwhile to plan ahead.

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  • Shop, compare, and verify:When shopping for windows, make note of questions and concerns, and take your list along when visiting window dealers.
  • Discuss needs and priorities with window dealers: Advise window dealers what you're looking for; whether keeping within your budget, energy efficiency, window styles or payment options are most important, sharing priorities with window dealers can help with finding the best products and services for you.
  • Coordinating installation of your new windows: Many window dealers provide installation; it's important to verify that your window installer is factory authorized by the window manufacturer to install their products. Schedule installation dates at a time when you can be at home, and consider your climate when purchasing and installing new windows.
  • Finding your best financing deal: Home improvement stores and window dealers may offer interest-free financing for a specific period. Shop and compare pricing and financing options.
  • Review warranties, contracts, and references: Investing thousands of dollars in your home emphasizes the need for verifying contractor licensing, references, and for avoiding any misunderstandings about costs, services provided, and product and service warranties and guarantees.
  • Don't sign anything until you're satisfied: Read product and installation contracts carefully. Don't sign anything that doesn't spell out pricing and specific services provided.

Asking questions and making notes throughout the window purchasing and installation processes can help with avoiding problems and delays.

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