How to Choose Safe Windows for Children's Rooms

January 03, 2010

Choosing window treatments for children's playrooms, bedrooms and nurseries needs to not only be a decision of privacy, style and light control, but safety needs to also be considered. Think of safety issues first when choosing window treatments such as window blinds, shutters or shades. For window treatments, consider the following:

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  • Long curtains should be avoided, as they're easy to grab and pull down by toddler's learning to walk.
  • Cords need to be kept up and well out of reach. If cords are used at all, they should be short and hang much higher than a child can reach. Newer blinds have breakaway cords that come off if pulled too hard, make them a requirement when buying blinds.
  • Avoid beads, trim and embellishments on treatments such as curtains. These can come off and be swallowed by toddlers.
  • Make sure a crib or bed is out of reach of window treatments that can be pulled. Not only are the cord potential dangers, but pulling panels or window blinds can bring a heavy rod or hardware crashing down as well.
  • Simplicity, durability and low maintenance are the best for children's areas. Neutral window treatments are cost effective, as the treatments won't need updates as your child's room grows up with them.
  • While you want the room to be bright and cheerful, you also need window treatments that allow you to control the light for naptime and early bed times. Blackout window shades or venetian blinds are a good choice, and they can be covered by more stylish treatments, such as short panels or fabric covered shades. Keep window treatments for children's bedrooms, play areas and nurseries simple, versatile and most importantly - safe.

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