Buying Discount Vinyl Windows

August 03, 2010

Can you hear your windows whistling when it's windy outside? That's a sure sign hot or cold air is escaping through poorly sealed windows. If the carpet or sofa near the window is faded, that's a sign that your window offers poor ultraviolet (UV) protection from the sun.

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Although purchasing new windows is costly, you can save money by buying discount vinyl windows.

How to Find a Discount on Vinyl Windows

Retailers often discount vinyl windows--even new windows--for many reasons. A contractor could have ordered the wrong size, or ordered too many windows for a particular job. The windows may have small scratches or other imperfections from shipping. Perhaps the wrong color or style was ordered. Whatever the reason, these windows are still top-quality products that can be purchased for significantly less than ordering new windows. Most of these discounted vinyl windows can be bought for about half or more off of the original pricing.

Depending on where you live, there may be a retailer that specializes in selling discount vinyl windows. While you won't have the luxury of picking styles and features for your new windows, you often can find multiple versions of the same window type.

New Vinyl Window Costs

Vinyl windows come in as many styles and sizes as wood windows, but new vinyl windows cost much less than wood. New single- and double-hung Simonton vinyl windows cost roughly $130 to $200 per window--but costs vary greatly depending on window size and style. Professional installation from a window contractor also increases total per-window costs.

The type of glass you purchase also can boost window costs. Tempered or gas-filled windows are significantly more expensive than regular glass panes.

What to Look for in New Windows

When scouting out new windows, two things to keep in mind are the window's R value and its U factor. R value is the windows ability to insulate, and the U factor is its ability to prevent heat from escaping. The best vinyl replacement windows have a low U factor and high R value. If you pick new windows that are Energy Star approved, they'll have the window insulation values you want.

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