6 Tips for Hiring a Window Contractor

July 08, 2010

Whether your project involves straight window replacement or replacing windows is part of remodeling, it's important to select a window contractor who can install windows with care and efficiency.

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What to Look for When Choosing Window Contractors

Here are some tips for finding a window contractor:

  • Ask for referrals and interview several wndow contractors: Installing windows requires precision work and access to your home. Ask friends and family for referrals, and interview multiple contractors.
  • Verify state and local licensing: Determine licensing requirements prior to interviewing window contractors and verify that each window contractor you interview holds appropriate licensing and or professional certification.
  • Verify bonding and insurance: Professional window installers are bonded and carry insurance that protects you and them in the event of accidents or damage.
  • Request and verify references from customers: Window contractors may offer to supply references, but if not, ask for at least two from each contractor.
  • Get everything in writing: Ask each contractor to provide an itemized estimate including costs for materials, labor and a timeline for completing the job.
  • Find a window contractor who "fits in": Heed your instincts, as finding a window contractor you're comfortable with is important. Installing windows requires access to your home and close communication between you and your contractor. You should feel free to ask questions and comfortable with having your contractor and staff in your home. If possible, have potential contractors meet your family, including your pets. Otherwise, advise the contractor of your pets and any special concerns.

After selecting a window contractor, discuss your expectations, scheduling, and project details before work begins. Making sure that you and your window contractor are "on the same page" will help prevent problems and delays.

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