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Since windows cover such a wide area and periodically need repair or replacement, homeoners often find themselves in need of some kind of DIY window advice. Whether you're dealing with windows that are difficult to open, slam shut unexpectedly, or leak like crazy in the winter, window advice can help you get right to the solution.

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You'll learn how to replace window screens, fix window sashes, repair or replace problematic window joints, and stop sliding windows from sticking to the track. Window advice will also guide you in deciding what supplies and tools you need to bring your windows back to life.

DIY window advice also can help you decide when the problem requires the help of a contractor. In that case, you'll learn six tips for hiring a windows contractor, how to interview contractors, and how to get windows estimates to find the best deals.

Windows are important elements in any house. DIY window advice can help you protect your home by reducing air infiltration, improving window operation and solving tricky construction or installation issues. You'll feel good about using your DIY skills and learning when it's best to pass the problem off to a good contractor.

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