Time for Window Replacement? What You Must Know About Window Sales

April 21, 2010

Here are some reasons for replacing windows, along with some tips for selecting and installing your new windows.

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Replacement Windows: Why

  • Your existing windows are not working or show signs of wear: If your current windows are allowing drafts in, or are infested with termites or dry rot, it's time to buy replacement windows. Old windows can be damaged by environmental exposure causing glass to mar and seals to fail.
  • Replacement windows add to your home's appearance indoors and out: New windows update your home and complement interior decor. You can reduce sun damage and insulate your home against outdoor weather with multi-layer window panes available in new windows.
  • Improve energy efficiency: New windows can help you save energy and reduce utility costs. Look for the Energy Star logo on replacement windows; these products may qualify for a tax credit or local energy supplier rebates.
  • Selling Your Home: Installing replacement windows can add to your home's curb appeal and may also increase its value. Buyers appreciate the added value of energy savings, too.

Window Sales: Selecting the Right Windows

When buying windows, researching window styles, prices and warranties, matching your needs and budget to replacement windows can help you focus on products that are affordable and useful for your circumstances. Read window labels for energy efficiency and other ratings. Window sales personnel can help you with window ratings.

Installing Replacement Windows

Window sales establishments typically provide installation or referrals to installation services. Window manufacturers may require authorized factory installation as a condition of their warranties. In any case, make sure that your installer is a licensed contractor specializing in window repair and installation.

Researching window options and matching products to your needs can help you save time and money at window sales dealers.

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