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February 24, 2010

Improving energy efficiency and increasing your home's value are two great goals, and you can sometimes accomplish both by evaluating your home's windows and doors. If you're experiencing drafts and your home heating system seems to be working overtime, it may be time to replace old windows and doors. You can shop prices online and in traditional home improvement stores and window glass dealers to learn about:

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  • Window frame and glass materials and options
  • Window styles
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • What window ratings mean
  • How to use ratings for selecting the right windows
  • How to install windows and doors for maximum energy efficiency
  • Product and service costs for buying and installing replacement windows and doors.

When to Install New Windows and Doors

Homeowners often include window replacement in remodeling or major home renovation projects, but one broken window can lead to an entire window replacement project. When planning installation of new windows and doors, remember that installers will need complete access to your home and that installation can take several days or more. An adult will need to be on the premises during installation.

Check Contractor Licensing, Insurance and Bonding

Verify window contractors' licensing, insurance and bonding before selecting a contractor. Ask for and check references; if possible, view at least one completed job. Referrals from family and friends can also help you find reputable window glass dealers and installers.

Window Installation Tax Credits and Rebates

Federal tax credits and local energy company rebates may help you pay for your energy saving home improvements including doors and windows. Window dealers, utility companies, and the energy star Web site can supply more information about these programs.

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