Replacement Window Dealers Offer Product and Installation Information

August 25, 2010

Shopping for new windows may not be your first choice for how to spend your weekend, but it's time well spent. Viewing new windows in a showroom can help with making the right choice. It's also possible that you'll learn about window styles and materials you hadn't considered.

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Replacement Window Dealers: Show and Tell

Here are some things to keep in mind and ask about when shopping for new windows:

Budget: Know in advance how much you can afford to spend. Don't get talked into spending more unless you can buy new windows interest free for a period of time that allows you to pay them off without additional cost.

Priorities: If you live in the desert, you'll want to keep harmful UV rays out and your air conditioning in. If you live in a moist climate, avoiding condensation between layers of glass is important. Energy efficient windows can help reduce energy costs, and may qualify for rebates from your local energy provider. Knowing what you want from new windows can help with focusing product choices and saving time.

Your questions: Write down your questions and don't forget to ask them. Window dealers can help you understand the benefit of specific window materials, and can help with interpreting product ratings.

Installation cost, services, and warranties: New windows typically come with product warranties, but these may be voided if manufacturer requirements are not met. When arranging for installation, make sure that your installer is licensed, insured, bonded, and authorized by your window manufacturer to install their products.

Shopping and comparing replacement windows, installation services and warranties will help you find the best products suited to your needs and preferences.

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