Tom Shafer

Who made my windows?

September 23, 2015

If your windows are broken, you're looking for warranty information, or parts need to be replaced, there's one big thing you'll need to know first: who made the windows? If you aren't the one who bought them, figuring this out can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Here are six options you can explore to find the answer.

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Contact the supplier

The easiest way to find out who made your windows is to call your builder. Sometimes that isn't easy, though. If your home is older, the builder may be out of business by now, moved out of state, or simply be unfindable. So your next best option is to ask your window supplier. This could give you a quick answer as well as a contact with the window supplier to access warranty assistance,

Find identification on the window

Many window companies install locks with their name cast into the lock itself. Sometimes they'll even etch the name into the lower corner of the glass.

Another place you might find their name is on the label from the testing and approving agency. Typically this is on a gold or silver label affixed to the window frame. and it should have either the manufacturer's name or a code number. The code number can be correlated with a manufacturer by contacting the appropriate testing agency.

Take a sash to a window dealer

If you can remove a sash, take it to a place that sells windows. They may have an employee that can recognize the sash and be able to confirm the window manufacturer.

Google window manufacturer's websites

If you Google several major window manufacturers and explore their sites, you'll find they all have pictures of their windows, some with quite good detail. Enlarge the pictures and examine them closely - you may get lucky and easily identify the window.

Ask your neighbor

Especially if you live in a neighborhood with track housing, this can an easy way to find out. If anyone has had their windows fixed, they'll have gone through the same process you are and can tell you what they learned.

Search your new house paperwork

Back when the house was new to you, you received a stack of paperwork about it. You may find a window label, a copy of the warranty, or a copy of the thermal ratings label uses for energy saving tax incentives. If it's a previously owned home, the pre-purchase home inspection may also have a window name.

If all attempts fail, just Google "window repairs." There are plenty of local, qualified professionals who can come out and take a look.

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Tom Shafer has decades of experience in window sales, marketing and product development. He's worked closely with window design engineers in testing, design, and building code interpretation. Past employers include United Windows and Doors and Norandex, MI Windows. He currently works at a home improvement retailer.

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