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July 21, 2010

When planning your window replacement project, allow time for shopping several window dealers online and in person. Starting your shopping online can provide ideas and reveal window options you may not be aware of. You can research window materials, styles and prices to find your best deal. How-to tips and advice for installing new windows are useful for selecting new windows:

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  • Learn about window ratings and what they mean.
  • Understand how window frame material and glazing options meet specific requirements
  • Select your replacement windows according to your priorities: These may include lighting, climate control, energy efficiency, and architectural considerations.

Window dealers can answer your questions, recommend products, and help with coordinating your needs, preferences, and budget.

Installing Replacement Windows: An Ounce of Prevention

Window dealers typically offer installation as part of their sales package, but it's important to verify that any installers you hire are factory authorized to install the brand of replacement windows you're buying. Otherwise, factory warranties could be compromised or become void.

Please don't attempt to save money by installing windows yourself. Unless you're a professional window contractor, you risk encountering problems associated with improper installation, and damage to you, your home, and new windows.

A great way to find window installers is through referrals from friends, family, and neighbors who've recently replaced their windows. Interviewing several installers and checking references can help you find professional window contractors who can meet your schedule and budget. The research and time you invest in your window replacement project will help you avoid setbacks and misunderstandings.

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