Replacement Windows: Shop, Compare, and Question

May 10, 2010

Shopping for replacement windows online is a great first step in the process of finding, buying and installing your new windows. You can review window styles, materials, and cost without direct sales pressure, and you can formulate a list of several window choices

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Considerations For Replacement Windows

  • Window glass: Windows are available with multiple layers of glass, tinting, and glass types. Compare window ratings to find the best glazing options for your replacement windows.
  • Window frame materials: Window frame materials come in sufficient variety to suit most any home and style preference. You can select from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminium, and composite materials. Window dealers can help you narrow your selection according to your home's style, maintenance requirements, climate, and budget.
  • Energy star and other window ratings: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rates windows according to energy efficiency benefits. Windows displaying energy star ratings may qualify for tax credits and local energy rebate programs.
  • Replacement window ratings: Windows typically carry several ratings indicating how they admit light, transmit solar heat, allow heat to enter and exit, and other factors. Window dealers can help explain window ratings and their significance according to your needs.
  • Ask questions and write down the answers: Before you shop for windows, write down questions. Note the answers, and refer to them when comparing quotes for replacement windows. As you compare and shop for replacement windows, more questions may arise, so keep your pen and notepad handy.

Doing some "detective work" to track down your best replacement window options is well worth your effort.

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