Tips for Interviewing Window Dealers and Getting Estimates

March 16, 2010

Installing windows is a major project requiring planning and careful selection of window dealers and contractors. These tips can help you find windows and installers meeting your needs.

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  • Shop and research products and dealers online: Before visiting window dealers, shop online for product selection and research product and installation costs and options. Doing research before shopping window dealers (either online or in-store) can help with identifying product and installation options that work within your needs and budget.

Window Dealers: Making the Right Choice

  • Visit several dealers online and in person: Make a list of your needs and expectations for your new windows, and set a budget. This can help keep your shopping and buying on track and may help avoid cost overruns.
  • Does your window dealer provide installation? It's important to verify this up front so you can find a window contractor if needed, and factor additional costs into your budget
  • Ask questions: Your window dealer should freely address questions to your satisfaction. Persist in getting the information you need; if it isn't forthcoming, find another window dealer.

Getting Window Estimates

  • Get itemized, written estimates: When reviewing estimates for windows and installation, make sure that you clearly understand all charges. Read the fine print, and ask for clarification. Window installation estimates should include a deadline for completing the job
  • Verify licensing: Window installers should be licensed contractors. Verify licenses, insurances and bonding to ensure that everyone is covered in case of accident or damage occurring on the job.
  • Don't shop window estimates by price alone: Comparing several estimates involves reviewing what you get for the price quoted. Going cheap is not always the best way to save.

Finding the right windows and and a qualified installer can help insure satisfaction with your new windows.

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