How to Communicate with Window Dealers

July 20, 2010

Shopping for replacement windows depends on knowing your needs. How much can you afford to spend on buying and installing new windows? Although cost shouldn't be the only consideration, setting a budget in advance can help you avoid going over your budget.

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Priorities for Selecting Replacement Windows

  • Window style and appearance: You'll want your windows to complement your home's architecture and interior decor.
  • Energy efficiency: Saving money on energy costs by reducing your use of fuels and/or electricity is a benefit of installing new windows. Ask window dealers about energy star-certified windows.
  • Climate and environmental considerations: If your home is located on a busy street, noise reduction can be important; if your home is subject to extremes of heat, cold, and moisture, you'll want to choose windows that reduce the ability of heat to pass into or out of your home through your new windows. Window styles that limit condensation between window panes can be a consideration in areas subject to high humidity and damp conditions. Before visiting window dealers, make a list of your preferences, and any conditions directly influencing you choice of replacement windows.
  • Maintenance, repairs, and warranties: Busy lifestyles can benefit from low maintenance windows such as vinyl or fiberglass frames. When comparing new windows, ask about product warranties and make sure that anyone installing your replacement windows is factory authorized. Otherwise, you risk voiding your manufacturer's warranty.

Window dealers want your business and should be happy to answer questions and find windows meeting your needs and budget. Shopping multiple window dealers can help you find your best deal on the new windows most appropriate for your home, lifestyle, and environment.

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