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When it comes to Vinyl Replacement Windows or Installing Windows, selecting a competent dealer is probably the biggest decision you will have to make in the selecting of new windows for your home. After all, it is the dealer who will help you decide on product, design, installation, and how best to serve your needs and sift through the clutter of information.

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You have some choices. Obviously, some of the big home center retailers have window products on display, and many of them are now installing products.

But do they really know what's best for you? They are generalists, serving the builder and remodeler trade. They have chosen products to carry, and they may not be the best available because, as a cash and carry store, they are interested in the cheaper products rather than the best.

Because the new windows you buy should be measured to fit and built to your desires and needs, big retailers cannot carry these items in stock, and special orders are not what they're best at.

If you choose a dealer from the Yellow Pages or some other source, you run the risk of getting a contractor that is less than and expert and one who may not be the best businessman for you to deal with.

How can you be sure of your selection? Arm yourself with knowledge. Review the content on this site and ask a lot of questions. Get a few different estimates before settling on a type of window or a window installer.

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