Wooden Replacement Windows - Prices and Costs

July 23, 2010

Remodeling historic and old homes is an expensive project. Windows are often a catching point and a lot of discussion goes into whether or not it's worth spending the money to maintain existing windows or to replace them with new. The cost of wood replacement windows is a hefty one but the expense to maintain the historicity and authenticity of some homes is worth it.

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Several factors enter into wooden windows prices:

  1. Size. Standard-sized wooden replacement windows cost less than special-order windows. Major manufacturers are willing to customize replacement windows but the additional cost is passed along to the consumer.
  2. Type of wood. The price for wooden windows reflects the difference between authentic hardwood windows and more inexpensive replicas. Major manufacturers and specialized window contractors produce solid hardwood windows but the real deal is pricey.
  3. Window pane characteristics. Wood replacement windows should incorporate the original glass found in the house. The common temptation for many homeowners is to upgrade with ultra-violet protection glass. Whether or not to replace original glass or to upgrade depends on the intended use of the home, the needs of the people who reside there, and the desire to duplicate the authenticity of the structure.
  4. Unique window configurations. Decorative aspects of the wooden frame, special shapes, and specific hardware needs add to the final bill. These windows require customized work and it's worth paying the price to get an expert for the job.
  5. Specific requirements. Windows are the products of eras, regional areas, and personal styles. Replacing windows should be undertaken with an understanding of the specific characteristics the original windows possess.
  6. Wooden frame finish. Matching the color and texture of the original finish is more expensive than settling for a cheap imitation. Take the original window for comparison purposes when buying stain and shellac or varnish, and visit a reputable home improvement center.
  7. Availability. Windows that can be purchased locally are often less expensive than the same window shipped. Buy as close to home as possible.

Windows that restore and maintain authentic historicity cost more than mass-produced replicas. The rule of thumb is to buy the best windows possible and ensure that the historic home can continue its legacy.

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