Window Sales: Tips for Getting Estimates

December 11, 2009

Window replacement and installation can be a major home improvement project requiring thorough planning. In addition to scheduling the job, visiting window sales vendors and getting window estimates can help you pinpoint the windows you need and find them at a price you can afford.

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Obtaining Window Estimates

  • Request written estimates: This lets the contractor know you're serious about saving money.
  • Let contractors know you're comparing estimates: This can help in eliminating "padding," and may inspire discounts or additional services.
  • Get detailed estimates: Make sure that each estimate you receive is itemized to show the grade, quantity, style and quality of windows ordered, estimated start and finish dates, and a break down of equipment prices and professional fees.
  • Don't be pressured: Some contractors may offer you an "instant discount" if you "sign right here, right now." Don't go for it. Taking time to obtain and compare window estimates is important for getting your best deal.
  • Check contractor references: Skipping this step can be risky. Verify business licenses and references. Better to be safe than sorry.
  • Trust your instincts: If anything seems unsettling about a contractor or window sales estimate, move on.

Getting referrals from friends and relatives who are satisfied with their window installations is a great first step in finding window sales and installation providers who will stand by their work and commitment to your complete satisfaction.

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