Window Sales: Getting the Most from Replacement Windows

March 31, 2011

When visiting a windows and doors showroom, it's easy to be confused by the wide range of products available. Researching windows and doors and identifying products suited to your budget, style preferences, and climate can help with focusing your selection of replacement windows and doors.

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Shopping for Windows and Doors: Top Four Considerations

  • Your climate: Do you live in an arid desert, or humid location? How much rain and/or snow falls in your area? Are your windows and doors exposed to temperature extremes or volatile weather conditions? Your answers will help determine the types of windows and exterior doors suited to your home.
  • Focus on your needs and priorities: Make a list of style preferences and performance needs. This can help you stay on track when evaluating dozens of windows and doors in window dealers' showrooms. Write down your preferences and performance criteria, and share them with sales associates. This can help narrow your product selection to options matching your needs and wants.
  • Your budget: Establish a budget before shopping for doors, windows, and windows contractors. Allowing some flexibility is a good idea, but avoid being influenced by dealer "up-selling" that can ruin your budget.
  • Window ratings: Learning about window ratings before shopping can help with identifying product features and benefits important to you. Whether you need insulation for noise, outside weather, or want to avoid condensation between window panes, window ratings can help you identify appropriate products.

These tips are useful for staying on track with your budget and replacement windows performance needs.




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