Window Replacement Prices: The Big Picture

December 21, 2009

Installing replacement windows can be a big job, and the expense can increase according to a number of factors:

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  • The number of windows being replaced
  • The structure and materials used in replacement windows
  • Special requirements including custom shapes or matching/replicating architectural features

Certain features and rebate programs can help offset the price of replacement windows

  • Energy star rebates: Go here to learn more about rebate programs for Energy star approved replacement windows. You may qualify for income tax benefits and rebates from local utility companies.
  • Low maintenance and durability: New windows are designed to last for years with little maintenance. Materials including vinyl and fiberglass are not subject to damage from the elements and pests.
  • Reduced energy use and expense: Energy star windows are designed to insulate against sun, moisture and cold. These replacement windows provide maximum energy saving features. Look for the energy star logo displayed on approved windows.

Benefits of Installing Energy Star Replacement Windows

  • Materials: If you've ever replaced an old window damaged by rain, dry rot, or termites, you'll appreciate the durability of replacement windows made from fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl. Improved wood windows are also available.
  • Protect valuables: Sun and moisture can damage your belongings. Energy star windows can minimize potential damage caused by climate conditions including sun and moisture.
  • Variety of styles and shapes: Replacement windows are available in styles, shapes and frame colors to suit your home and indoor decor. It;s important to note that vinyl windows can't be painted, so select a color that you like, and that can compliment changing decor and exterior color.

When comparing replacement window prices, remember to include manufacturer's warranties, retail discounts along with the benefits described here.

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