Window replacement costs: what's your style?

July 16, 2011

Homeowners pricing replacement windows want to find the style that best suits their home design without breaking the bank. To retain or enhance value, you don't want to compromise on the kind of windows you choose for your home. But window styles often dictate costs.

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One way to achieve a balance you can live with is to choose cost-effective options in terms of materials, durability and insulation. When evaluating replacement windows, you may even want to switch styles, where appropriate, to improve ease of maintenance, ventilation and toughness. Consider these three variables:

  1. e-coatings and energy-efficient tints
  2. window frames and casements
  3. number of lites and sashes

Here's a comparison of products from Andersen and Simonton to suggest a range in costs by brand, features and style. There are many other manufacturers, and the costs cited here are subject to change.

Double-hung windows

These are the most-popular consumer choice for their flexibility. You can open both sashes to control ventilation. Vinyl is the least-expensive double-hung window; however, it may not contribute to the appeal of your existing style. Wood often looks best, is typically most expensive in terms of window replacement costs, and requires routine maintenance. Cost estimates, based on single-unit size of approximately 2-feet-by-4-feet are as follows:

  • Low end price: Double-hung vinyl, tilt-in sashes from Simonton, $173
  • Top-shelf price: Double-hung wood window, low-E coating from Anderson, $588

Casement windows

Casement windows are also popular, especially for the ease of cleaning and tilted panes to draw in refreshing breezes.

  • Low end: Single casement with argon gas and low-E coating, by Simonton, $298
  • Top-shelf: Rigid-vinyl-framed wood casement window, low E-coating from Anderson, $391

Sliding/Gliding windows

Made in vinyl or wood with one sash that opens over the other, these sliders are a popular style, where functionality suits ever-changing weather conditions. In series, they can open a room to great views or ambient light.

  • Low end: Fusion-weld vinyl frame by Simonton, $199
  • Top-shelf: Fiberglass-coated frame, pine interiors, self-lubricating Teflon glides, low-E coating from Anderson: $927

Picture and transom windows

If you have a great view, handsome yard or love ambient light, the picture-window style brings you the outdoors uninterrupted by multiple frames and panes. Prices vary by size. These estimates are for 4-foot-by-4-foot windows:

  • Low end: Fusion-weld, single-frame vinyl by Simonton, $199
  • Top-shelf: High-performance, impact-resistant, e-coated glass, natural wood interior, storm protection exteriors, double-sash by Anderson, $656

Prices change and styles affect your final replacement window costs. Still, bargain hunters know that when you do enough window shopping, the chances are good that you'll find the right windows, at the right price, with the right look for your home.

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