Brands that fit your window replacement budget

August 29, 2011

Not too many homeowners are able to start a remodeling project these days without giving their budget careful examination--even if it's an upgrade that may increase the value of their home and lead to lower energy costs.

Fortunately, installing new energy-efficient replacement windows is a project that just about every family can afford as there are numerous styles to choose from in every price range, and if your home is over 10 to 15 years old, they should all be upgrades over your existing windows.

Window replacement cost: brands to fit any budget

Shopping for replacement windows can almost seem overwhelming as there are so many manufacturers to select from, and each offers numerous styles, configurations, and options. You have to decide between vinyl, metal, wood, and fiberglass since frame materials and configurations can range from casement and awning models to double-hung, picture, and even bay windows.

The easiest solution may be to choose a style that matches your existing windows and that can also be the best method for finding sizes that slide into the existing opening without complications or extensive cosmetic repairs.

There are a lot of very good manufacturers regardless of window replacement cost, but here are a few to consider:

  1. High end--Pella Windows and Marvin Windows have enjoyed well-deserved reputations for producing high quality products for many years, and their replacement windows are first class. Marvin offers wood replacement windows, or you can choose aluminum exterior cladding in numerous colors for low-maintenance convenience. Pella has several lines of windows--fiberglass, aluminum cladding, or budget-friendly vinyl as frame materials.
  2. Mid-range--Anderson and WeatherShield windows offer many of the features of high end replacement windows at mid-range prices. Each has several lines to choose from and both offer insert window options that can keep replacement repairs to a minimum.
  3. Budget friendly--There are a lot of good window companies that cater to this category, but it might be difficult to beat the features of JELD-WEN's builder's grade vinyl windows--many styles are Energy Star rated, and their vinyl frames are very low maintenance. Anderson also has some very economical selections.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your window replacement cost is to contact a window contractor. Pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the sizes you need, the style chosen, and glass upgrades for additional energy efficiency. Keep in mind that long term maintenance costs should also be considered.


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