Finding Windows Contractors for your Replacement Windows Project

August 23, 2010

Although window dealers often provide window installation services, there may be situations where hiring separate windows contractors is more appropriate. Replacement windows installed as part of a comprehensive home remodeling project may be installed by a sub contractor.

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Tips for Selecting Windows Contractors

  • Product manufacturer authorization: Window manufacturers may require installation by authorized windows contractors who are factory trained. Otherwise, any product warranty may be invalid. Verifying that potential contractors have required credentials can help with avoiding problems later.
  • Experience and references: Trying to save money by hiring inexpensive or lay help can cost much more in the long run. Taking time to interview professional windows contractors and verifying their business licenses, professional credentials and customer references is important.
  • Flexibility: Installing replacement windows is a major job that typically requires an adult on site. You may find it necessary to arrange schedule changes. Finding a contractor that can meet your scheduling needs can save time, trouble, and misunderstandings.
  • Contractor referrals: Asking friends, family, and neighbors for referrals to window dealers and contractors is a great way to find the right products and services for your project. Asking people who've had windows installed recently can help you find reputable windows contractors.

Checking out referrals and following your instincts are helpful for finding the right windows contractor for your replacement windows project. Maintaining open communication with your contractor can increase your satisfaction with the completed job.

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