Window Estimates: Three Tips for Success

March 18, 2010

Buying replacement windows is a major home improvement project and investment; once the window are installed, do-overs aren't feasible. It's important to establish your needs before shopping for windows.

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  • Climate and location: If you live in a desert, your windows must perform differently than if you live in a shaded forest.Your climate and location will influence product recommendations from window dealers.
  • Style and decor: Are you restoring a Victorian home? Do you live in a sleek, contemporary home with floor to ceiling glass? Knowing your home's style and your decor preferences will help in providing window estimates.
  • Energy savings: Energy saving windows can help reduce utility costs, and may qualify you for a rebate through the Energy Star program. Look for the Energy Star logo when shopping for energy efficient windows.
  • Cost: Knowing your price range for purchasing and installing windows is essential for staying focused on affordable windows and installation packages.

Compare Window Replacement Features and Benefits

Consider the following features and benefits when shopping online or with window dealers:

  • Frame material: You can select from wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and composite materials Each has its benefits depending on your needs.
  • Glass: Single to triple panes, exotic textures, energy efficient glass, you can choose from infinite options.
  • NFRC ratings: The National Fenestration Ratings Council provides ratings on window glass. Ask window dealers to explain these ratings, and use them for selecting your windows.

Getting Window Pane Estimates

  • Shop online and visit window dealers. Get several written estimates.
  • Verify that you window installer, if different from the window dealer, is authorized to install the windows you're buying
  • Check references for window dealers and installers.

Taking these steps can help you and window dealers match your new windows to your needs, preferences, and home.

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