Window Replacement: Understanding the Benefits

April 05, 2010

When you're planning a window replacement project, budgeting and cost are primary considerations. Factoring in the benefits of installing new windows is essential for understanding the "big picture" of window replacement.

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  • Improving home appearance, and increasing home value: Installing new windows not only improves your home's appearance ("curb appeal," if you're selling your home), but can also add value.
  • High profile, low maintenance: Today's window styles include frames made of low maintenance materials including vinyl, fiberglass, and composite materials. These materials resist weather damage and aren't susceptible to problems such as dry rot and termite infestations.
  • Wide variety of styles: If you're concerned about maintaining your home's architectural integrity, don't worry. You can order custom windows specific to your home's style and architecture. You can select from strict reproductions to appropriate window styles providing the latest in energy efficiency benefits.
  • Energy efficiency cuts utility costs: EPA Energy Star-rated windows can improve your home's energy efficiency when installed as part of an overall energy efficiency plan. Installing energy efficient windows may also qualify you for tax benefits and/or rebates from regional energy companies.
  • Window ratings help with appropriate selection: Windows typically feature multiple performance ratings that measure energy efficiency, light transmission, and other features of replacement windows.

Shopping and comparing new windows and getting quotes from vendors and installers (in some cases, these may be one and the same) can help you decide on which window replacement options are best suited to your home and budget.

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