Shopping and Comparing: Your First Step for Replacement Windows

December 25, 2009

Window replacement is a major home improvement project that deserves careful shopping and comparison of window dealers and/or installers. Although you may want to shop for windows first and select window dealers according to product pricing, it's worthwhile to shop window dealers first. You'll want to find a reputable window dealer that can discuss in detail their windows and window replacement services. Here are some ideas for locating and comparing window dealers:

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  • Shop online for window replacement options: You may be able to shop and compare window prices online, but window prices and installation services can vary according to individual considerations. Shopping online can provide general information, and you may also want to visit showrooms and discuss your needs with local window dealers.
  • Home improvement retailers: The chain retailers offer a wide selection of windows and may or may not provide installation of the products they sell. Their buying power can provide lower pricing, but this should not be your primary consideration. Finding windows that meet your needs along with professional installation may cost more, but quality windows and installation are essential to your satisfaction with your choices.
  • Specialty window dealers: Window dealers who specialize in windows and their installation can often provide customized service and information not available in large general retail outlets. Specialty window dealers can also offer custom design and installation; if you're planning a major remodel or have particular needs associated with an old home renovation, a specialty dealer can help with providing windows, hardware, and installation expertise for handling such circumstances.

An important aspect of your window replacement job is verifying the reputation of window dealers you're considering. A great way of finding good window dealers is asking family and friends who've recently completed window replacement. When interviewing window dealers and installers, ask about contractor licensing and liability insurance. Read all paperwork carefully and verify any references provided.

The time you invest interviewing and comparing window dealers is likely to pay off once your new windows are carefully and properly installed.

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