'Tis the season for savings on siding and windows

December 15, 2011

When you've identified a necessary home improvement such as new exterior siding or energy-efficient replacement windows, it's natural to want to get the job done promptly. That's fine if cost is no object, but cost is usually a big factor, regardless of your financial resources. Filling out an online form to research deals on your project may help you in your quest for both a contractor and savings.

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Almost any home improvement contractor has both busy times and lulls. Often homeowners don't want to face another winter with rotted-out exterior siding, or with drafty, single-pane windows. Contractors' phones start ringing as autumn sets in and winter looms on its heels. In any climate there's often a time of year when working on siding and replacement windows is feasible, but homeowners' thoughts might be elsewhere. That's the time contractors are more likely to offer you savings. Try these three simple steps to optimize the timing of your project:

  1. Narrow down your contractor search to three serious bidders.
  2. Tell each that you're going to get competitive bids.
  3. Ask them to quote any discount they'll provide if you're willing to wait for a time when their job bookings slow down.

You don't have to feel cheap about doing this: It's a win-win situation. You get a better price and they get work at a time when they'd have little income otherwise. Go ahead and get started researching contractors. Not being in a rush can optimize both their resources and yours.

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