Window replacement brands that provide UV protection

November 18, 2011

Have you ever decided to move hanging artwork only to discover the wall is a different shade behind it? Actually, that's the vibrant color your wall used to be before the sun's ultra-violet rays had their way with it. The same process may be affecting other items in the room such as your carpet, furniture, and even the painting itself. If you're planning a window replacement for your home, choosing the right brands and options can put an end to two-tone walls and save your other furnishings from fading.

Look for UV protection features when buying your replacement windows

Your primary goal in upgrading the windows in your home might be increased energy efficiency, but by choosing the right features, you may also be able reduce the amount of damaging UV rays that enter your house. Most families wouldn't think of allowing their children out in direct sunlight without some sort of protection, but they don't realize that those same dangerous UV solar rays can pour through their home's windows on a daily basis. Unfortunately, there isn't a sunblock for homes, but you can have the next best thing by choosing replacement windows that offer special glass treatments to block the harmful rays before they can enter your house. When creating your window replacement cost budget, consider the UV protection options from these well known manufacturers:

  1. Pella Windows

    Pella's Sun Defense Low-E coating is available on many of their replacement window model lines. The windows are very energy efficient and can block out up to 95 percent of the sun's UV rays. You can find more information about Pella's window and glass styles here.

  2. Anderson Windows

    This manufacturer may set the bar when it comes to keeping UV rays out of your home--their Low-E4 Smart Sun coating can block out up to 95 percent, and it's available on most of their replacement windows. More information about Anderson's glass coatings available here.

  3. WeatherShield

    WeatherShield is known for their high quality energy-efficient windows. They are also an industry leader in the field of preventing UV damage to your home--choose replacement windows with their patented Zo-e-shield coating that can block from 95 to 99.9 percent of the sun's UV rays--99.9 percent is about as good as it gets. You can learn more about WeatherShield's energy savings here.

  4. Eagle Windows

    One reason this company is so popular with homeowners and builders is they offer numerous exterior cladding color options. Another is they are owned by Andersen Windows, which means you can get Low-E4 Smart Sun coating on many of the Eagle replacement window model lines. Information on Eagle Windows environmental committment available here.

Lowering your energy bills is important, but with a little increase to your window replacement cost budget you should be able to move paintings freely without encountering the dreaded two-tone wall.

Jeffrey Anderson has a Degree in English from V.M.I., and served as an officer in the Marine Corps. He worked in Residential and Commercial construction management for 25 years before retiring to write full time. He spends his time writing, remodeling his old farmhouse, and in animal rescue.


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