How Much is that Window and When Should I Buy?

December 28, 2009

Shopping for new windows or replacement windows can result in a bit of sticker shock if you haven't purchased home improvement items recently. Window costs have gone up since you purchased your home thirty years ago. So has the cost of a loaf of bread. It happens. But there are ways to reduce the cost of replacement windows to help you recover from sticker shock.

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Buy Soon

With the housing market in a state of flux, construction on new housing has slowed. Window manufacturers have a surplus of inventory and they are offering attractive discounts to get inventory moving.

Buy Smart

Shop around. There's nothing wrong with comparison shopping. Just make sure you're comparing apples to apples when comparing window costs. If you have a preferred retailer or online window dealer but find the best price elsewhere, see if they can offer a price match so you can use them instead. Many retailers want your business and are willing to price match to get it. Again, make sure you're comparing the exact product when price shopping. Small details can make a big difference in the cost of new windows.

Buy Quality

Quality replacement windows can cost more than bargain basement options. Sometimes, you get what you pay for, sometimes you get a good deal. Be prepared to spot the difference in the two situations. Quality windows will make up for the cost difference by lasting longer and being more energy efficient.

Look at the big picture of the cost of windows. Certain upgrades, ones that add value to the home and increase energy efficiency are worth the investment of an additional cost.

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