Five Tips for Finding a Window Replacement Contractor

January 12, 2010

Finding window replacement contractors is no problem if your window supplier also offers installation services, but it's always a good idea to check out individual contractors and compare prices and services. Here are a few tips for comparing window estimates and contractors:

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  • Request detailed estimates: Each estimate you receive should include the itemized cost of the windows, materials, supplies, and hourly labor charges. Estimates should also contain start and finish dates.
  • Verify insurance: Professional contractors carry liability, workman's compensation, and property damage insurance. Verify that each window replacement contractor you're considering has adequate coverage by asking to see his or her insurance certificate.
  • Check licensing and references: The worst time to find out your contractor doesn't have a clue is in the middle of your window installation project. Verify that the contractors you're considering are licensed and ask for a list of customer references. Check them all and note any hesitation or problems.
  • Make a list of questions and concerns for potential contractors: Scheduling, pets, kids, your grandmother's armoire, your window treatments--discuss anything that could affect or be affected by your window installation project. Arrange to be home while the job is done and keep kids and pets clear of where the installers are working.
  • Review manufacturer's warranty before hiring a contractor: Take time to verify that your window installation contractor can meet the terms of your product manufacturer's warranty; some manufacturers specify that contractors must be factory trained or certified to install their products.

Congratulations on finding the best window replacement contractor for the job. You can enjoy your new windows for many years to come thanks to a professional window installation contractor.

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