Windows Contractors: Tips for Evaluating Window Estimates

December 21, 2009

Installing new windows is a big job and can be expensive. This can easily lead to the mistake of focusing only on price when comparing windows contractors estimates. Here are some tips for getting and reviewing estimates for your window replacement project.

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Reviewing Window Estimates

  • Ask for referrals: Ask friends, family, and neighbors for referrals, especially if you admire their recently installed windows. Always check out contractors with the Better Business Bureau or your state's contractors' licensing authority.
  • Don't be rushed: Unless you've suffered damage from a natural disaster or other emergency, take time to shop for windows and windows contractors. When you've found the windows you want, it's time to get estimates from windows contractors. Don't let anyone push you into signing with them based on "today's best deal."
  • Request itemized estimates: This helps you break down the costs of windows, supplies and equipment, and the contractor's charges for installing windows. Comparing itemized estimates makes finding the best contractor easier.
  • Find a good fit: Windows that don't fit won't work, and it's also important to hire windows contractors who respect your home, schedule, and family. If something doesn't seem right, don't dismiss your feelings.
  • Ask questions: Compare contractor estimates when you're alone and can devote enough time to make careful comparisons. Write down a list of questions for prospective windows contractors so you won't forget them
  • Get written warranties for the installation and the windows: Contractors should be willing to warranty their work.

Make sure you fully understand all terms, conditions and costs in window estimates before accepting a proposal. Do not be afraid to show contractors lesser bids and ask them to evaluate them for you.

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