Estimating Window Replacement Costs

April 05, 2011

When budgeting for replacement windows, you'll need to consider three aspects of your project:

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  • Window replacement costs: How much you'll want or need to spend on replacement windows depends on how you want your new windows to work. Do you need insulation from weather and noise? Do you want to replace your windows primarily for functionality, or do you need custom designed windows for matching your home's architecture? Pricing replacement windows with local windows dealers can help you find the windows you want within your budget.
  • Window replacement contractors: Major retail outlets and windows dealers can arrange windows installation, but if you're remodeling your home or need custom installation, you'll be interviewing windows contractors and getting estimates. Make sure any window replacement contractors are licensed and bonded, and check references. These steps can help avoid problems, including additional costs later such as structural repairs that may be required to correct any mistakes.
  • Time away from work and miscellaneous costs: Although this may not factor in as a direct out-of-pocket cost, arranging time away from work can deduct from your annual leave time or business income. Boarding pets and/or arranging child care during window replacement work can add to your project costs. Other miscellaneous costs may include painting new trim or making repairs or alterations to siding.

Wanting to save money is understandable, but don't cut corners foolishly. If you're handy with carpentry and have installed windows, you may be able to reduce costs by installing replacement windows on your own or with the help of friends or family, but hiring professional window replacement contractors can prevent costly mistakes.



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