3 top brands to fit any window replacement budget

November 18, 2011

A tight remodeling budget doesn't have to mean replacement windows are out of reach. Energy-efficient windows that can upgrade your home are available in just about every price range. You might be amazed at the many features offered by budget-friendly and mid-level model lines. Some of the most respected brands in the industry offer selections to fit any window replacement cost budget, and the same attention to detail on display in their upper end models is also evident in their value-priced replacement units. If you do your replacement-window, shopping homework, you may find there's no good reason to put your upgrade to an energy-efficient home on hold.

Brands that fit value, mid-range, and premium budgets

What makes replacement windows energy-efficient? The two most important factors are keeping heat inside during the cold months and making sure it stays outdoors when temperatures climb into the 80s and 90s. Budget-friendly replacement windows might not have numerous, exterior-cladding options, true divided lites or an endless choice of hardware selections, but if they can contribute to lowering your home's heating and cooling costs, everything else may just be bells and whistles. Here are three replacement window brands offering prices at all points on the budget spectrum:

  1. Pella Windows. Pella is a name that's synonymous with upper-end windows that feature numerous customizing options, and their replacement windows are no exception. Pella's Impervia and Architect Series windows are right at home in any mansion, but the manufacturer also offers Impervia vinyl windows that can fit mid-level remodeling budgets.
  2. WeatherShield Windows. WeatherShield offers a full line of replacement windows, which could be considered mid-level to upper-end, featuring wood- or aluminum-clad exteriors. They can even accommodate custom sizes. Their all-vinyl Visions line of replacement windows is budget-friendly and has many of the same features as their more expensive models.
  3. JELD-WEN. This manufacturer offers one-stop shopping regardless of your budget for window replacement costs. Their builder's grade vinyl- and wood-replacement model lines can be considered very value-priced and are available in numerous styles and sizes. If you're looking for high-end windows, consider their custom wood replacement model line.

If your primary goal is making your home more energy-efficient, these brands and many others offer windows that can help accomplish the task at very budget-friendly prices. However, if options and upgrades are also important, these three manufacturers have you covered in that price range, too.

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