Tips for Finding a Discount Window Replacement

July 23, 2010

Discount Window Replacement: Finding New Windows at a Great Price

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Another way to save some money on new windows is by looking for discounts. Windows are a highly saturated market. There are dozens of window manufacturers, and like auto dealerships or clothing stores, windows have to be sold--manufacturers can't afford to have thousands of windows sitting forever on warehouse shelves. Many companies specialize in offering wholesale discounts on new windows. How can they offer better pricing than a local door and window shop or home improvement store? It's because these companies specialize in purchasing overstocked and overbuilt window designs that manufacturers need to get rid of. They are good-quality windows, but they are basically clearance items.

Another way to find new windows at discounted prices is to search online for local retail shops that stock replacement windows at discounted prices. While installation of these windows may require small modifications during installation, they can offer substantial savings.

Finding discounted windows can defray some of the expense of buying new windows, but there are other ways to save money on new windows in the long run. While energy-efficient windows can cost more than other window types because of the way they are built, highly-efficient windows can save you more money on energy costs.

Installing Replacement Windows

Unless you are a fully tooled craftsman familiar with carpentry and waterproofing requirements, it's best to hire a window contractor to install your new replacement windows. Improper installation can void manufacturers' warranties. Find a window contractor that you trust -- one with a good reputation; one who is going to be in business for years, just in case any warranty problems arise.

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