Costly Windows are the Ones You Don't Replace

December 29, 2009

The cost of new windows may not be so bad when you compare the cost of not replacing the windows. Windows have become more energy efficient. Just within the last few years efficiency has increased as new energy saving standards have been set and the 'green movement' has taken front and center stage.

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This new energy efficiency often makes it well worth the investment of replacing older windows. Windows normally account for up to one half of the heat gain or loss in the home, energy efficient windows can result in big cost savings. In fact, the windows account for more energy consumption than the roof, walls and attic combined. If left to their own device, an uncovered, standard window allows nearly 20 times more of the exterior temperature into your home.

This makes that window cost look a little better by the minute! Consider also that replacing windows with modern, energy efficient windows can result in a decrease of anywhere from 7 - 20 percent in your energy costs. So those replacement window costs can actually pay off over time. 

Replacing drafty, older windows is going to require an initial investment. But with the added value in your home, that window cost is much less than you initially thought.

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