Window Replacement: Considering More Than Cost

March 29, 2010

Establishing a budget is crucial when buying replacement windows, but here are additional considerations:

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  • Purpose: Your reasons for installing replacement windows is a major aspect of finding the right windows for your home. For example, if you live in a desert and want windows that block heat penetration and damaging sun rays, it's important to discuss this with window dealers. You should get glass that has a low Solar Heat Gain coefficient.
  • Needs and preferences: Installing new windows in an investment property may lead to different product choices than installing replacement windows in your own home, a restored Victorian that's been refurbished t maintain historical accuracy. Your preferences in architectural styles, decor, and color can influence your choice of replacement windows; Addressing your ideas and preferences with window dealers can help you focus on windows appropriate to your needs.
  • Energy efficiency: When installing replacement windows, it's important to consider the benefits of energy efficient windows. Installing energy efficient windows can reduce energy costs and may qualify you for tax credits and rebates from local energy companies. Window dealers can help you select windows eligible for these programs.
  • Quality sales and installation: Your satisfaction with replacement windows depends on finding reputable window dealers and installers. Shop for windows online and locally. Asking friends, neighbors and family for referrals can help with locating professional window dealers and installers. Verify business and contractor's licenses and obtain references for window contractors you're considering.
  • Cost does count: Establishing and maintaining a window replacement budget is important, and can help you work with window dealers to find affordable replacement windows for your home.

Balancing your needs with your budget can help you find the right windows for your circumstances.

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