Finding and Comparing Reputable Window Contractors

December 18, 2009

Although weekend home improvement projects are routine for many homeowners, installing replacement windows can be a major job requiring professional assistance. Reputable window contractors can help ensure correct installation and overall success of window replacement. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for window contractors.

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Window Contractors: Six Things to Remember

  • Ask for referrals: Find window contractors by asking friends and neighbors for referrals.
  • Check the Yellow Pages: If the window contractor can afford to advertise, they are usually funded well enough to be a legitimate business.
  • Window installation specialists: Select a company specializing in installing windows: Avoiding damage to your home and new windows is important for keeping window installation within budget and time constraints. Contractors specializing in window installation know how to get the job done right.
  • Manufacturer warranties: Although rare, the window warranty may require installation by manufacturer-approved window contractors. Determine if your product warranty has such conditions, and verify that window contractors you're considering are approved according to the warranty. Also, the contractor if they warrant their work.
  • Licensed contractors: Check with your state or local contractor's board to verify proper licensing. Licensed contractors usually have insurance protecting your property and yourself from liabilities.
  • Interview window contractors: Select a few window contractors and talk with them about installing replacement windows. Determine how many window jobs they have done and whether they have installed the particular windows you are considering.
  • Written estimates: Written and itemized estimates should include the cost of materials, professional charges, and provide project start and finish dates. Read each estimate carefully, and ask questions. This helps with making an accurate comparison of window replacement estimates.

Planning for window replacement and taking time to evaluate window contractors are important steps toward successful and enduring results.

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