Andersen window prices and costs

August 09, 2010

The name Andersen is to windows what John Deere is to farming equipment. Most consumers consider it dependable, high-quality, and offering a range of prices. If you are in the market for new windows, you won't jump into such a long-term commitment without understanding the product, so here's a look at what Andersen has to offer, along with a range of Andersen windows pricing.

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Cost of Andersen windows: a price range to fit your budget

Take a look at Andersen's three lines of windows:

400 Series - Wide range of sizes and styles, designed for any one's taste. Special features differentiate the Tilt-Wash and Woodwright properties.

200 Series - Consists of the most popular sizes and styles of windows

100 Series - Affordable windows available in various colors and sizes

Architectural - Carefully handcrafted to be unique, often larger windows

A Series - A totally custom-made and custom-sized window product

The 100 and 200 series are the less expensive options, while the "architectural" and A Series are the premium brands. The types of windows and the corresponding Andersen window prices are below. Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change, and are general estimates that do not include taxes, shipping and other surcharges.

Casement windows: Between $391 to $1,009. These are typically vertically-oriented, and have a lever that winds to open the window.

Awning windows: Between $422 and $1,078. These are basically casement windows, turned on their sides.

Double-Hung windows: Between $271 and $2,301. Double-hung windows are probably the most prevalent type in a home in many markets. They have two sash that slide up and down, overlapping.

Gliding windows: Between $330 and $927 (The architectural series does not produce a gliding window). Just like gliding doors, a gliding window slides open to the left or right.

Picture & transom windows: Between $159 and $656 (The architectural series does not produce a gliding window). These windows do not open. They are for light and aesthetics only.

Specialty windows: This includes everything from oval to half-circular windows. The prices vary based on the design you request, but Andersen aims to make just about any window dream come true!

Bow & bay windows: Obviously, the bigger the window, the bigger the price tag. Andersen window prices for these range from $1,502 to $2,362. If you have sat on a window seat, you have most likely been in the presence of an angular bay window.

Research all of your options and learn more about Andersen windows pricing before you decide what window is best. And if you can't find all the answers, ask an expert.

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