Three Things You May Not Know about Simonton Windows

August 11, 2010

Few things in life are more frustrating than calling for customer service after a major purchase and finding out the company is no longer in business. If you are considering vinyl windows for your home, you can count on Simonton Windows to be there when you need them. Simonton Windows has been around since 1946 when they were founded in West Virginia.

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Originally an aluminum window company, Simonton realized the superior qualities of vinyl as a window material and converted its window lines to all vinyl during the early 1980s. Today Simonton Vinyl Windows is a leader in the window industry and is constantly working to develop improvements in the windows they provide to their customers.

Simonton Windows for All Seasons and Needs

Simonton Windows has three main categories for their window products: windows for new homes, replacement windows, and windows for coastal areas. Their replacement windows are designed for window contractor use and homeowners desiring to install a window that can improve the quality of their home. Simonton Windows realizes that climate varies across the country, so their window lines can be purchased based on where you plan to use the windows.

Within each window category Simonton Vinyl Windows has many model lines and window styles. Their replacement window model lines range from economical to high end, and you can choose from window styles such as:

  • double and single hung
  • casement
  • awning
  • bay
  • single and double slider

These are a few of the many window styles Simonton Vinyl Windows manufactures, and most are available in many sizes and configurations.

Simonton Windows Offers as Many Options as Custom Windows

Simonton Windows gives you the opportunity to choose from different window grill patterns, styles, and widths; and you can upgrade your window hardware to several designer quality finishes. You can even choose from different styles of glass such as:

  • tempered
  • tinted
  • bronze tinted
  • grey tinted
  • obscure

Forget what you've heard about vinyl windows being available in any color you want as long as it's white; Simonton Vinyl Windows has many frame colors to choose from for your home.

Simonton Windows and Energy Star

Simonton Windows is partnered with Energy Star and offers many energy saving options for its windows such as Low-E glass, Argon gas between panes, and even triple paned windows.

If you are considering replacement windows for your home, it might be difficult to find windows with higher quality and more options than Simonton Windows.

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