Replacement Window Dealers: Helping with Finding Your New Windows

March 21, 2011

Replacement window dealers offer a wide selection of replacement windows; having some idea of the type of windows best suited for your home and circumstances is helpful for focusing on replacement windows appropriate to your needs. Here are some tips for researching new windows and understand how they work.

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Choosing Your Best Windows: Form and Function

  • Window glass: Today's window glass is made to last, and windows are frequently constructed with multiple layers of window glass. This provides insulation against the elements and noise, and is helpful for increasing energy efficiency. You can also order treated window glass that filters out harmful sunlight.
  • Window frames: Window frames are commonly constructed of aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and wood. Your choice depends on cost and how your priorities for new windows. Vinyl and fiberglass frames are durable and require little maintenance. Aluminum frames are lightweight and inexpensive compared to other materials, but can corrode in moist weather conditions. Wood is a traditional choice and preserves your home's original appearance. You can also choose from combination frames including clad wood.
  • Personal preferences: Families with a busy lifestyle can benefit from installing vinyl replacement windows that require little maintenance and no refinishing. Fiberglass windows are similarly convenient, but their frames can be refinished. You can also order traditional wood or steel windows or custom reproductions of older styles if maintaining your home's architectural integrity is important.

Shopping replacement windows online assists with making a preliminary list of products and price ranges, but working with replacement window dealers is helpful for finding new window replacement options.


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