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Fleetwood has been selling high performance windows and doors for almost 50 years. Their products are shipped world wide from their southern California manufacturing facility. Although Fleetwood Windows may be best known for their wide selection of superior quality aluminum windows, they also produce a popular line of vinyl windows for residential and light commercial projects.

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Vinyl Windows Cost Less, Yet MeetFleetwood's Quality Standards

Fleetwood's vinyl windows are less expensive than their aluminum framed windows. For example you can expect to pay about $800 dollars for a premium vinyl slider that is 6 foot by 4 foot in size, which is about half of the cost for the same sized window with an aluminum frame.

Move Up to the Strength of Aluminum

  • Sizes: If your project requires large windows with clean sight lines, then you may need the increased strength of an aluminum window frame. For example, Fleetwood Window's Aspen 530 horizontal slider is available with glass panels as large as 78 inches wide and 90 inches tall.
  • Strength: How well will aluminum windows perform? Fleetwood Windows manufactures aluminum windows and doors for high rise buildings in extreme environments, including those requiring hurricane force impact ratings.

Fleetwood Vinyl and Aluminum Windows For Your Home

  • Thermal efficiency: Fleetwood has several energy-saving glass options, as well as the use of "warm-edge" spacers, which greatly reduce unwanted heat transfer through window components.
  • Tight construction: Fleetwood states that their fusion welding process provides some of the strongest vinyl frames in the industry, which means your window frames stay straight and true regardless of the extreme conditions that they must endure.

Although they have window showrooms in several major cities, you can see all Fleetwood windows online. Go ahead--get a quick price quote for your project right from their web site.

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