Beauty meets sustainability at Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows has been crafting luxury wood windows and doors in Manitoba Canada since the beginning of the twentieth century. The company attributes its continuing success to its adherence to traditional craftsmanship and a strong work ethic.

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Advantages of Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows blend endurance with artistry and come with the following built-in advantages:

  • They use natural Douglas fir as the standard wood. It's naturally tough and impervious to the elements.
  • All wood is treated with a special sealant, which increases its resistance to water and decay and helps stain and paint bond securely to its surfaces.
  • For customers who prefer metal-clad exteriors, Loewen Windows offers durable extruded aluminum cladding. It comes in a variety of richly-colored baked-on finishes.
  • Loewen Windows uses thicker glass than other manufacturers. These windows are built to withstand the battering of arctic storms, and the extra glass aids in keeping out howling winds and bitter cold.
  • Lowen Windows hires and encourages talented designers. Your windows and doors can be as beautiful as they are durable.

Loewen Windows and Sustainability

Loewen is committed to environmental stewardship and demonstrates that commitment in the products it produces and its manufacturing processes. They manufacture only wood windows from Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forestland. They recycle wood waste, glass, solvents, aluminum, vinyl weatherstrip, paper, and motor oil, and the plant is heated with sawdust. Any remaining sawdust is sold to local farms for animal bedding. The company's products have been proven to offer industry-leading thermal performance (NFRC tested). Lowen Windows was presented with the Tree Canada Foundation Eterne Award in 2001, honoring the company for "environmental leadership and commitment to taking action on global climate change through the planting of trees."

When you buy Lowen Windows products, you can feel as good about the company's environmental commitment as you can the good looks and strength of their windows and doors.

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