Shutters to Improve Curb Appeal

December 27, 2009

Exterior window shutters are definite improvements to curb appeal. They add a warm touch to even the coldest home exterior. But exterior wood window shutters are quite the maintenance challenge for homeowners due to their constant exposure to the elements. In fact, even with the highest quality paint or finish, wood exterior shutters typically need a surface makeover within a few years.

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Thank goodness for manmade materials in this instance. Vinyl, composite and fiberglass window shutters offer a much better alternative to standard wood maintenance monsters.

Vinyl exterior shutters are paintable and durable, not to mention economical, alternatives to wood shutters. Quality is important with this material, as the less expensive options tend to make the vinyl too flexible.

Composite exterior shutters are available in two options. Traditional composite materials are made up of wood fibers and resin. This produces a heavier product and allows a more traditional construction for an authentic look. The lighter weight alternative uses a polymer with a lightweight foam type of consistency. It's the least expensive alternative for shutters.

Fiberglass has long been shown to be a durable, low maintenance alternative to wood in doors, and it offers a good alternative in window shutters as well. Fiberglass shutters are nearly indestructible and virtually maintenance free. It's nearly impossible to distinguish fiberglass from authentic wood shutters, as opposed to vinyl or composite, which tend to look less like the wood they're trying to mimic.

Exterior window shutters add curb appeal to the home. That adds value to the home as well, which makes them a good investment for a style upgrade.

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